Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Camping Trip

We've been waiting for the girls to be potty trained to attempt camping with them.  I just couldn't imagine dealing with diapers and such when the nearest hot water and soap is a long (or at least a lot longer than at home) walk away (no motor home for us, we rough it all the way, sort of.  I do insist on having a real bathroom with showers).  So this weekend we finally gave it a go.  And after about the umpteenth trip to the restroom I decided it just might have been easier when they were younger and in diapers.  I don't know how many times I would have to go, so I'd ask the girls if either of them had to go potty.  Of course they didn't, but the second I got back one would have to go.  Then as soon as I got back with her the other would have to go.  Grrr.  And a couple times me and Olivia both had to go but Paul wasn't around to watch Kayley so she'd have to come with us but she'd keep saying, "I don't need to go potty!" over and over and I couldn't get it through her head that me and Olivia did and she had to come with us because I couldn't leave her alone.

Other than that, though, it was fun.  Paul's company has some property on a beautiful lake that the employees can camp at for free.  So our campsite was right on the lake, with a view of Mt. Rainier.  The girls really enjoyed feeding the ducks and building/sitting around a campfire.  They got their first taste of s'mores, which they weren't too keen on (although they love all 3 ingredients individually).  They enjoyed sleeping in the tent but they were afraid to go to bed without us so they ended up staying up way too late which made for some super cranky kids on Saturday, but Kayley took a nap so she was better that evening but they stayed up really late again Saturday night and then we woke up to rain early Sunday morning.  We put them in the car still in their pjs with Nemo on the DVD player while we quickly packed up and took off.  We were out of there by 8:30 which is amazing considering we can barely leave the house before 11:00 on most mornings when we're not tearing down tents and loading all kinds of camping equipment into the SUV.

All in all, it went fairly well but it might be a few years before we try it again...

Feeding the ducks

Playing in the lake

Helping our friend John build a fire (he and his wife just stopped by for s'mores Friday night)

Enjoying the campfire

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