Saturday, July 16, 2011

SUYL- How We Told Our Families

It's been awhile since I've participated in Kelly's Korner 's Show Us Your Life Fridays.  Today's topic is how we shared with our husbands and families that we were pregnant.

Paul and I found out together.  Actually, he cheated and found out about 2 seconds before me.  We had done IVF in June of 2007 and our beta (blood test at the RE's office) was scheduled for July 5th.  I definitely wanted to test at home before that, but had a hard time deciding on the best time to do that.  I didn't want to test the day before, on the 4th, because the July 4th holiday and the party we were going to would have been ruined by a negative result.  I didn't want to test the morning of the 3rd (a Tuesday) or the 2nd (Monday) because I had to work and wouldn't have been able to if I got a negative result.  And anytime before then would have been too early (although I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a positive result on Sunday the 1st if I would have been brave enough to test, but I was just too scared).  So I decided the best thing to do would be to go in for my beta on Thursday morning the 5th, then come home and test before they called with the results.  That way, I would still find out in the privacy of my own home and not over the phone but still had a buffer of time in case of a negative result (I had taken the whole day off work as either way, postivie or negative, I wouldn't have been able to work, and if negative I probably would've called in sick on Friday and just taken a long weekend to mourn).

So Thursday morning, Paul (who had also taken the day off) and I went to the RE's for my blood draw.  When we got home I was just waiting to have to pee so I could take the darn test.  Normally, I never have to wait very long to have to pee, but this time it seemed to take forever for my bladder to fill!  I remember being kind of worried that they were going to call with the results before I'd had a chance to test.  Finally, a few hours after getting home, I had to pee.  I did the test and set it on the counter without looking.  Then Paul and I decided to take a walk around our condo complex rather than just sit there in agony for 3 minutes.  When we returned from our walk, we raced upstairs and into the bathroom, but he was ahead of me and right before I got through the bathroom door I heard him say, "you're pregnant!".  I grabbed the stick, saw those two lines and we just hugged and cried.

After we calmed down, we got right to work calling our family.  They had know that we did IVF so they were expecting word one way or the other, so we didn't need to come up with any cute, clever way to announce it.  We called my mom first, and then his parents.  Then we called my dad, and then other family members.  Everyone was, of course, thrilled to death.  That night we went out for a nice dinner to celebrate.

The anniversary of this event was just 11 days ago and for the first time since, we forgot to acknowledge it in any way.  Usually every July 5th one of us will say to the other, "hey, today's the day we found out" or something like that, but this was the first year we forgot.  So I'm glad it's the topic this week so I could make up for it.


Unknown said...

That is such a sweet story! I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. We also did IVF (twice and have 2 sets of twins!) so I know how gut-wrenching the waiting is!

Craig and Kristy said...

We did IVF this past Dec/Jan and are awaiting our new arrival in Sept. That 2ww was the hardest thing I have EVER done! I didnt want to breathe wrong for fear that I would cause it not to implant.

It was hard to decide how to find out our blood results. I didnt want to do the at home test and get incorrect results, so I made the wait. We decided to have the leave it on voicemail so that we could find out together and not have to shield the person on the other end from our emotions of the results. Thankfully they were happy!

I pray next time we have an easier time and can surprise everyone! This time they were all anxiously awaiting our call.