Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet the Kitties!

Last Saturday we finally made it to the shelter after talking about it for weeks and came home with two adorable kittens.



How cute is this?

I love animals and never thought I'd be petless for this long (it's been about 4 1/2 years since our last cat died), but then the girls came along and the last thing we needed was yet another demanding creature living among us.  But now that they're older we figured it was about time.  Although, in hindsight, having witnessed these poor kitties being picked up by the neck, chased and smothered (not literally, but with pets and cuddles) it might have been better to wait another year or two, but actually the cats are pretty tolerant and handling it quite well (meanwhile, we're coaching the girls on how to handle them and what not to do).  It's really fun to have cats again.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, what sweet, sweet babies!!! That last picture is priceless...and how priceless, too, for your girls to learn to love their furry siblings! :)

We have one furry baby, an orange tabby, who - after almost THREE YEARS, seems to finally be warming up to our girls. :) Even though they rarely get to pet her, they love her SO much.

Enjoy all your babies!

Unknown said...

I love cats. I have 4 of them, plus a dog. They have been great company since my husband passed away. Being alone is bad enough. I'd hate the quiet if I didn't have all these furry friends for comic relief--especially the cats.