Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bad Luck

We recently dropped our home phone, traded Comcast cable for Direct TV and switched our internet service from Comcast to Century Link in an effort to save some money.  While we enjoy the services so far, the transition itself has been very frustrating.

It all started on Monday the 13th.  Direct TV came out, did their thing and all was well.  But Tuesday morning I couldn't get hardly any channels.  Snow was the culprit (it interferes with the satelite signal or whatever).  Could be interesting next winter, as we get quite a bit of snow where we live (not like Minnesota amounts, but much more than most of the Puget Sound area).  Also, the downstairs TV had a bad data card (or whatever), so the technician had to come back on Tuesday and fix that.

Meanwhile, the Century Link technician came on Monday also to connect our internet, but the conduit he needed was plugged up with debris, so we had to wait a few days for someone to come fix that, and then he came back on Friday the 16th.  Fortunately, our Comcast internet was still working, even though it was supposed to end on Monday.  Up until this point, I had planned on leaving Friday morning to do some marathon shopping because the girls were at grandma and grandpa's for the weekend.  But now that the Century Link tech was here, I was stuck at home, and didn't get to leave until about 12:40.  I needed to be home by 5:00ish to fix and eat dinner with Paul before he left to join the girls at his parents' (he was going skiing the next day with his sister and I was going to have the whole weekend to myself to do whatever I wanted) so that didn't give me much time to do all the things I had wanted.  Then we discovered that evening that it wasn't even working anymore!  UGH!  Paul called them and they tried some things over the phone but they weren't able to fix it and the tech was going to have to come back, but we got disconnected after being on hold for a long time and never got to schedule an appointment.  So I spent my entire free weekend with no internet (other than my new smartphone) and couldn't do many of the projects I had planned, mainly tagging items for the consigment sale this weekend that I am no longer going to participate in because I couldn't get anything ready and now it's too late.

Monday I called CL back and was able to schedule an appointment for this morning, and finally our internet is working.  What a week.

I seem to always have really bad luck with new things.  It seems like everything I buy either doesn't work right (at least the first time), or falls apart, or something.  Awhile back we had to get a new faucet for our kitchen sink, and a few days later it was leaking and we had to have them come back and fix it.  Years ago I bought a TV, got it home and hooked it up, and it didn't work.  I had to haul it back and get a new one and it was fine.  I bought a toy for the girls when they were 6 months old that was supposed to play 5 different songs but one of them almost never worked.  The other 4 did, so I didn't bother returning or exchanging it.  Several years ago I bought a new cell phone and it never worked right.  People couldn't hear me.  I had to exchange it.  On and on and on.  And now not only or brand new Direct TV didn't work right at first, but the new internet service also.  What are the chances?  Gees.

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