Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've discovered that the girls do better at bedtime (less wild, less getting up 3186 times) when we get out more.  I've always tried to get out of the house most days of the week, but every once in awhile, especially in the winter months, we get in kind of a funk where we (I) just have a really hard time getting motivated to do all the things necessary for an outing (sometimes it seems to take half an hour just to get the girls to get socks and shoes on) and many times, while I'm trying to get them to do one thing, I get busy doing something and by the time I'm done they are busy playing and seemingly very content, so I get busy doing something else and we end up never leaving.  But I'm really trying to get out most days because it really does help with bedtime, plus I start to get a little bored in the late afternoons, even though there's always plenty to do.

But the other thing I've discovered is that, the more we go out, the more behind on housework I get.  It makes me wonder how other moms do it.  I mean, I'm always reading in some blog or other about how some stay-at-home moms "have" to get out every day/stay really busy/have lots of plans, etc. or they or their kids or both go crazy.  I get it, but when do they clean?  I suppose some might have a housekeeper but I know some don't.  And I know they're not cleaning on the weekends because they're out doing family things.  And how on EARTH do working moms do it?  I could not imagine working full time and trying to find time to clean.  Obviously, some WMs have housekeepers, but not everyone can afford that.

I was thinking the other day how much less stressful my life is now (as a SAHM of twins!) than when I was working, once we were married and I moved into Paul's house, increasing my commute by 70 minutes (one way).  I would get up around 5:00, leave the house around 5:30 and not get home until 6:15, or 7:00ish if I went to the gym, then have to cook dinner.  By the time we ate dinner, cleaned up and got things ready for the next day it was time to go to bed!  I hated it.
Nowdays we're at the dinner table by 6:00 (usually) and cleaned up by 7:00ish and have a good chunk of the evening for family time before the girls and Paul go to bed.  So much nicer.

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