Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Weekend

March is a busy month for us because there are a ton of birthdays in our family.  It starts with the girls' at the tail end of February, and then there is my great-nephew a week later and my Dad, brother, great-niece and husband all crammed together between the 26th and the 30th.
Saturday morning Paul went to the men's breakfast at church, and then to Ikea to pick up the girls' new mattresses for their new (used, but new to us) twin beds.  When he got home around 11:00 I took off to go to the consignment sale.  I got a Plum District "Plum Steal" voucher for $15 worth of stuff for $10 (not that great but not too bad).  Of course I spent more than just the $15 but didn't go too overboard like last year.  After that I went to Lowe's and got some paint for the new beds (they're oak, I think, but we're painting them white) and then picked up a few groceries.  By the time I got home, I had to get me and the girls ready to drive up to Burlington to meet two friends for dinner before the girls' 2nd cousin's birthday party (the above-mentioned great-niece).

Sunday we went to church and then I had to do a whirlwind cleanup of the house before some friends and the in-laws came over to celebrate Paul's birthday.  While I was cleaning, Paul was painting one of the beds.  We all went to dinner and then came back to the house for dessert (minus our friends).

Today was busy, too.  Paul took the day off and took one of the cars in for service this morning, then when he got back I left to go to the gym, gas up the other car ($4.01 at Costco-gees) and get groceries.  Meanwhile he painted the other bed and some friends came over to pick up one of the girls' toddler beds to take to their new vacation home (we're giving it to them since we're done with it-the other one we'll just donate or maybe sell at the garage sale in May).  I spent the rest of the day getting all the new bedding washed and re-arranging a bunch of furniture to make room for these beds.

Tomorrow I have to take the girls to the doctor.  TMI warning.  Kayley has what I think was a pimple on her vulva and now I think it might be infected.  It's all red and swollen and there's a little puss, not too much.  She did have a mild fever on Friday that made me think she was coming down with something but she never did, so maybe it was to do with this, I don't know.  Also, both of them, especially Olivia, have been having issues with poop.  Olivia probably pooped 6 or 7 times today and it's that real mushy sticky kind I like to refer to as peanut butter poo.  It keeps getting stuck and then gets smeared all down her leg and on the floor and the carpet and it's been a big mess all day long.  I must have changed her underwear 3 times, and finally gave up and let her go without.  Anyway, I'm sure it will get better in a day or two but we definitely need to get this other thing checked out.

Tonight they are sleeping on their toddler bed mattresses on the floor, because we're still waiting for the paint to dry on the new beds.  Tomorrow we will get the new beds in place and get the new sheets on and then I have one section of wallpaper border that I still need to remove from when we redid their room last time, transitioning from cribs to toddler beds.  I couldn't get it before because there was a bookcase strapped to the wall.  This weekend we're going to paint their room purple and then we need to get curtains and a new dresser.  Eventually we'll get some wall art or decals or something and then we'll be done!  It should be really cute, although I wish we could just get bunk beds to save space but these beds were freebies so I can't complain!

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