Friday, May 25, 2012

Fitness Friday

It's been a bad week on the fitness/weight loss front.  I was going to skip today's weigh-in because I was scared about what I'd find out.  But, I figured it's probably better to know so that it might motivate me to get back on track before it gets even worse.  So I bit the bullet.  Sure enough, up 3 pounds.  THREE.  I'm hoping it has something to do with my cycle (period's due any day, sort of.  I never know when it's coming because sometimes I go 2 weeks and sometimes I go 3 months and anywhere in-between).  I'll check again tomorrow just in case.

I ran on the treadmill on Monday, for the first time since I've been able to run a whole 3+ miles.  It was really cool to actually see the 3.1 on the readout and know for sure that's how far I ran as opposed to running outside.  Unfortunately, I haven't run or done any other exercise since.  I do plan to run tonight.

I got my race packet in the mail yesterday!  It's getting close--a week from Sunday.


Christina said...

Hi! :) I used to be in blogger land a lot, but things got crazy and I stopped for a bit. Wanted to drop by and say hello, and let you know to keep up the awesome work! :) I hate running, but Im forcing myself to do it because I know it's the best cardio for my last 10lbs I need to get rid of. ;)
Are you doing any weight lifting or just running?

Jill said...

Hey, welcome back! Yes, I'm doing some weight lifting here and there. Not as much as I should. I also mix in other forms of cardio sometimes, like Zumba or elliptical or just walking, or the 30 Day Shred DVD which is a mix of both cardio and strength.