Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Days

It's the end of the last week before preschool and I wish I could say that we've been living it up but unfortunatley we haven't done much.  The weather has been nice but not quite hot enough to go play in a lake or the splash park.  We've mostly just hung around here and played with our friends a lot.  I guess we still have Tuesday for a last hurrah.  I'm thinking about taking them to the Ballard Locks, but it's a good 45 minutes away, though, so I don't know.

Yesterday we did the drop-n-go at Dizzy Bus since I had a Living Social voucher, so I went and browsed in Old Navy then went to Target for some essentials and then I had just a few minutes to browse in TJ Maxx before I had to go pick them up again.  It was still fun, and they of course had fun at Dizzy Bus.  When they are in preschool I will have about 20 minutes more than I had yesterday but I know it's going to go so fast.  I'm probably still going to feel like I can't get very much done, but at least it'll be better than now.

I expanded my list of things I can't wait to be able to do once I have a few hours to myself 3 days a week.  Explore the downtowns of the 4 or so little towns within a few minutes drive.  Browse Barnes and Noble, Michael's, Pier 1, and any other store that I rarely get the chance to go to.  Buy some mums for or front porch.  We have these window boxes on the front of our house that have sat empty all summer because I just haven't had time to go buy flowers to plant in them.  I want to go by myself, but whenever I get the chance to get out without the girls there are always other things more pressing that I need to get done, like grocery shop.

Anyway, I will soon have time to do things like that and I'm SO excited.  Now I will leave you with some recent pictures of girls and cats.

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