Saturday, August 25, 2012

SRM Family Day

The fertility clinic we used to conceive the girls (Seattle Reproductive Medicine) hosted a day at the zoo today for all the families they helped create.  We got free admission, a free barbeque lunch and free face painting for the girls!  It was really fun.  We got to chat with our doctor for a bit and even ran into a couple from our church (not knowing they'd gone through SRM but we really don't know them that well).  We hadn't been to the zoo in over a year so it was fun to go back and this was the first time we didn't use a stroller, which was so nice.  I didn't take many pictures because by the time we were actually looking at animals (after lunch and all that) our phone battery was getting low.

Yay for all these infertility success stories!
Unicorn face painting


Riding the carousel (blurry because it went by so fast)

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Jessica Anne said...

That is so amazing to see! Its just a miracle what they can do today to help people get pregnant!!!!