Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We went camping last weekend at Lake Tapps.  Paul's company owns their own chuck of property on the lake that has a campground as well as a nice day use area.  We took the girls' on their first camping trip there last summer and went again last weekend.  It's first come, first serve, so we got there on Thursday and we were able to get a great spot right on the sunny side of the lake.  It was just the 4 of us the first night, but another couple joined us on Friday for the rest of the weekend.  Before they came on Friday, we met up with another couple and their daughter to watch the Blue Angels practice (they perform for Seattle's Seafair the 1st weekend in August every year).  The girls and I did that last year and we decided to make it an annual thing, so Paul will plan on taking that day off every year if possible.  It was awesome as always, but the girls were hot, tired and cranky and didn't seem to enjoy it as much as last year.

Friday evening another couple came to the campsite just to hang out for the evening, and then on Saturday the mom and daughter that we watched the Blue Angels with came for the afternoon to swim and play at the lake.  Us moms had a very relaxing day floating on the lake with a margarita.  Definitely made the 90ish degree day more bearable.

On Sunday I was very ready to come home and get back to our normal routine.  I did tons of laundry yesterday, still doing more today, and am really behind on housework but we're spending so much time outside that I just can't get caught up.  Oh well.


Very loud planes

trying to peddle a paddle boat

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