Thursday, October 4, 2012

No Hot Water

Last Friday afternoon (natch) our hot water heater stopped working.  We figured it was something the gas company could fix, but not until Monday.  Luckily, I had already planned on taking the girls to visit my mom for the weekend, so we were able to shower/bathe at her house and Paul showered at the gym.

The gas guy came on Monday but discovered it was beyond the scope of what he could do, so we had to call a plumber.  I would have liked to just buy a new one at this point, but ours is still under warranty so we are chosing to just have it fixed, assuming that's even possible.  So Paul spent several hours on the phone Monday evening trying to find a plumber that would come out to look at it without charging anything, and finally got one to come out Tuesday.  But Monday night as I was leaving the gym (where I enjoyed a nice, warm shower) I found a message on the phone that they were terribly sorry but they in fact don't come as far as our town and she thought they did and she was very sweet and apologetic and felt terrible.  So, Tuesday it was my turn to spend a bunch of time on the phone (very hard with a couple of 4-year-olds running around) trying to find someone to come out ASAP.  Adding to the frustration was that the manufacturer gave me the names/numbers of a few plumbers in our area, but when we called them they were actually too far and would not come out to us.  So then they said we could go ahead and use any local plumber but some of them said that if it was still under warranty we had to use specific ones (to which I told them that the manufacturer said no, I could use anyone).  Anyway, we finally got someone out yesterday, but of course they couldn't fix it right then, they had to get a specific part.  They thought they would be able to get it today and be back out, so we'll see.

Meanwhile, we had to take the girls to a neighbor's house Tuesday night for a bath, and we might have to again in the next day or two if we don't get this thing fixed or replaced.  I've been heating water on the stove or in the microwave to wash dishes, and sometimes hands, plus we've been using lots of hand sanitizer.  It's almost as bad as losing power, but not quite.


The plumbing company just called and said that the part has been ordered and will be in tomorrow, so they should be back out tomorrow to get it fixed.  They weren't sure what time it would be delivered, though so I suppose it's possible it will be too late in the day for them to come out.  Let's hope not.  And if so, hopefully they'll come on Saturday.  But early enough for us to still go to the pumpkin patch with our church group at 3:00.

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