Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kindergarten Registration

Today I registered the girls for kindergarten!  I can't believe they are this old already.  We will go back on May 31st for orientation, where they will meet their teacher and see their classroom, and then we go in August for transportaion orientation where they will learn their bus schedule and get to sit in  (and maybe ride?  Not sure) a school bus.  Exciting!  I'm not all sad and sentimental yet, but I think I will be on their first day.  Right now I'm just excited to have FOUR hours to myself FIVE days a week, vs. only a little over two hours three days a week.

As for my 20 day challenge, I did about 14 minutes of yoga on Sunday and yesterday I rode scooters with Kayley (Olivia was at a friend's house) for at least 30 minutes plus I walked/jogged to the park and back (they rode scooters) and jumped up and down a lot while there to stay warm.  I haven't been able to go to the gym so far this week because Paul is working in a different location than usual and it's further away and he gets off later, so he's getting home too late (I could go after dinner but I just much prefer going earlier).

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