Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday and More Parties

We have had, like, the laziest Sunday ever since they were born, I think.  We skipped church to catch up on stuff (and to sleep in due to DST).  I've done some cleaning and organizing but mostly we've just played and I even got some reading and a short nap in while the girls watched the latest Barbie movie on TV.  It's 4:30 in the afternoon and Olivia is still in her pajamas, which I think is a first.  There have been many times where they've still been in the pajamas until noon-ish, but never this late.  Whatever.  We're not going anywhere.

We had another birthday party last night.  Just to recap:  The girls' party was two weeks ago.  They went to a party last weekend for a preschool friend, then last night was a party for their 2nd cousin.  Next weekend we have TWO parties, one Saturday and one Sunday, both for preschool friends.  We're going broke.  It's a good thing there are only 5 other kids (not counting them) in their class!  Of course, we don't have to go to them all, either, but I think we can handle 5 (or fewer).

And speaking of classmates parties, of all the kids in their class, their birthday was first (their's and another girl's because she has the same birthday as them).  Since no one before them had a birthday, I wasn't sure what to expect as far as if most of them would invite the girls (or the entire class) or not.  I would have liked to invite everyone, since there are only 5 (not counting the girls), but by the time we invited all their neighborhood friends and our friends' kids, and their parents and siblings, we just weren't going to have room to invite all the preschool kids.  Then the mom of the girl who shares a birthday with them asked me when we were going to have their party, because she wanted to be sure to have her daughter's on a different day so the girls could come, and I knew the girls wanted her to come to theirs, too, so I had to invite her, which means I at least had to invite the other girl in the class but then I felt bad about not inviting the 3 boys in the class but I just didn't know what else to do, so I didn't (in hindsight, I could have invited all of them because of course not everyone invited did/would have showed up, but I just wasn't sure.  What if they all would have shown with both parents in tow?).  Now, here we are being invited to all the other preschool kids' birthdays.  Oh well.

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