Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Year in Review

I never write Christmas letters, but almost every year I think that maybe I will the following year but then I still never do.  You're welcome.  I mean, I know they're annoying and most people just roll their eyes at them, but I just have a lot of long distance friends and relatives that I'm pretty out of touch with and it seems like an efficient way to catch up with of bunch people at once.  But I never got around to sending cards this year much less writing a letter.  So here are the things I would have mentioned in my Christmas letter had I written one, in mostly chronological order.
  • I became a permanent, full-time employee after 7 months as a part-time contractor.
  • The girls started gymnastics again and did that until June, then did soccer instead in the fall.  Olivia now wants to get back into gymnastics.
  • The girls turned 7, visited the American Girl store and had a fun party at a pottery painting place.
  • We got a pet hamster.
  • Paul and I had our 9th anniversary and had an overnight get-away while my brother and sister-in-law watched the girls.
  • Family vacation to Colorado to visit Paul's sister.  Horse-back riding, white water rafting and hiking in the breath-taking beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park among the highlights.
  • Many trips to Crescent Bar, like most summers.
  • The girls attended 2 day camps, one through the YMCA and the other through Girl Scouts.  Speaking of Girl Scouts, they bridged to Brownies in June (graduated from Daisies to Brownies).
  • The girls started 2nd grade and are in different classes for the first time, doing very well both socially and academically.
  • The girls started violin lessons which Kayley soon gave up but Olivia is still playing.
  • We hired a housekeeper and my life will never be the same.
  • Olivia got reading glasses.

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