Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekend to-do List

I'm whined on here before about how I never have time to do much other than work, run errands, fix lunches and help with homework and all that.  I always go into the weekend with a list (either mental or written down) of things I want to get done and usually most items go unchecked.  So I'm starting a new thing where I will document my list every Friday, and then recap every Sunday or Monday to see what I actually accomplished.

This weekend I want (or have) to:
  • Clean the litter box (done!)
  • Clean the hamster cage
  • Purge/clean/organize the fridge
  • Organize the pantry
  • Return some boots I ordered on Amazon
  • Put photos into albums or frames (pretty sure I won't get to this)
  • Start organizing/tagging items for the spring consignment sale
  • Read
  • Do some form of exercise
  • Go through the stack of mail/school papers that accumulates on the kitchen counter
  • Find some new recipes, especially freezer meals
  • Watch the Seahawks!
I will report back on Sunday or Monday and we'll see how many of those things I actually did!

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