Saturday, January 16, 2016

This Weekend's To-do List

My list for this weekend:
  • Get my driver's license renewed.  I tried this morning but they are closed today because of the holiday on Monday (I assume since they are already closed every Monday they chose to close today and of course that never occurred to me beforehand.  I'll try again during the week.  I can't do it online because I did last time and you can only do that every other time).
  • Clean the litter box
  • Iron on a bunch of the girls' Girl Scout badges.
  • Work on planning/shopping for their separate rooms.  (The girls currently share a room but we are getting ready to move one of them to our spare room so they each have their own room). 
  • Organize my closet.  Already done!
  • Grocery shop.  Done!
  • Organize some drawers
  • Put some pictures in albums or frames
  • Watch the Seahawks!  Except I'm going to miss some of it because it's my weekend to volunteer in the girls' Sunday School class.
  • Start working on the consignment stuff.
It's a long weekend, too, so hopefully I'll get lots done but most of Monday is going to be spent shopping for stuff for the girls' new rooms and other thing we want for the house.

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