Friday, June 17, 2016

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Today was the girls' last day of 2nd grade, AND their last day at their current school because next year they will go to the brand new school being built just down the road from us!  It's very bittersweet, as we will miss many of our friends and teachers that will remain at the current school but it will be so nice to go to a brand new school that is so close, and most of our good friends will be going there as well.

I took the day off, so I had about 3 hours in the morning to work on some projects (so nice!), then I went to pick them up and hang around for a little good-bye picnic/playdate that one of my mom friends organized.  And after that we went to another friend's house for another playdate which has become a yearly tradition now.  It was a fun day.


Kayley will not take a serious picture, ever.

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