Monday, July 4, 2016

Crescent Bar

I mention Crescent Bar on here a lot.  Crescent Bar is a small vacation community on the Colombia River in Central Washington.  There's no actual town, it's just a bunch of condos, 2 golf courses and a few stores.  The in-laws have 2 condos there.  A smaller one they rent out and a larger (but still small) one they spend most of the summers in.  We go over there 3 or 4 times a year between June and September.

This is mostly what we do at CB.  Nice.

The view of the pool from our condo.

This is one of the main retail strips.  Right in front is one of 2 swimsuit shops but this was after closing so they are all put away, but normally there would be racks of swimwear in that covered area.  Then there is a ice cream shop, a convenience store, a bar/restaurant and the Pro Shop.

The campground

The boat docks and another condo complex.

The condo decorated for the 4th.

Most years we are here on the 4th, or the weekend before if it falls mid-week.  If it does fall mid-week they do all their festivities the Saturday before (except for this year they did them on Sunday the 3rd, for some reason).  They have a parade and a fireworks show.  The people in the condo below ours always go all out for the parade and usually invite the girls to join them.

A Typical CB parade
Here comes our group.  Kayley and Olivia are in the group of girls to the left.

The back of our group.  The middle was the best but I missed it.

This float had a pool.  That blue thing behind the boys.  You can barely see two girls sitting in it.

My dad has a truck similar to this but green.  This is a '55 and my dad's is a '49, I think.

Cute hula girls.

After the parade

The girls with a friend they made, Emerson (on the left).

On our way over this weekend there was a series of brush fires along the freeway in the opposite direction so we got to witness some fire-fighting helicopters going back and forth getting water from the Colombia River.

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