Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve Eve

So much for blogging every day, or even almost every day, for the rest of December.  Actually, I have blogged most days I just haven't finished any of my posts!

Anyway, Paul has been off this whole week doing all kinds of fun things with the girls.  His sister is in town from Colorado (staying at their parents'place) so they went down there on Tuesday and stayed the night.  I was so excited to have the house to myself for a night so I could hopefully work on one of my projects that I never have time for, but I ended up spending the whole evening wrapping gifts and doing other pre-Christmas stuff.  Sigh.  Today they went skiing so I once again had some alone time this evening but I had to make a dessert and stuffing for Sunday, wrap a few more gifts, iron napkins and placemats, and work on getting the house in order.  I can't do any of it tomorrow because we will be gone all day.  It is our year to spend Christmas with my side, and they do Christmas Eve every other year on the years we are there so we will be heading up to MV for the day.  The festivities don't start until 5:00 but the Seahawks play at 1:25 so we want to get up there early enough to catch that and we have to squeeze in a visit with my mom while we're up there.
On Christmas Day Paul's parents and sister will come to our house, thus the need to make stuffing and a dessert ahead tonight as that is the only chance I will have.  They still come to our place on the years that are technically my side because of course they want to see the girls on Christmas, which is fine.  But I'm thinking that next time I'm not making a whole big meal, we can just have apps and dessert and maybe leftovers from the night before.

So it's been busy and I'm kind of ready for it to be over, but I'm very excited to use our new dining table!

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