Saturday, December 10, 2016

Every Day for the Rest of December

I've been horrible about blogging lately.  Ever since school started.  But I've decided just for fun to try and blog every day for the rest of December.  I got the idea on the 2nd, started a post but didn't finish it, then a day or two later I had a vague memory of doing something similar last year so I checked and sure enough, I did.  Or rather, I meant to but didn't really keep up with it.  So anyway, I'm going to try again this year.  It could be anything.  A "normal" post or just something small and random.

So here is my randomness for today to get caught up:

I am probably about 80% done with my Christmas shopping which is an absolute miracle.  And, I even have a few things wrapped!  This sounded so much better a week ago, though, when it was only the 2nd/3rd.  I haven't made any progress since then.  I hope to wrap it up this weekend but probably won't happen.

We had our first snowfall last Sunday and Monday and again yesterday.  We decided last night would be the perfect night to do our annual drive around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights since it's extra pretty with snow on the ground (I feel bad for people who live in places like Florida or Arizona that never (or very rarely) get snow.  I just can't image 80 degrees at Christmastime).  The girls put their pajamas on (well, Kayley mostly just sleeps in T-shirts and leggings anymore--don't ask me why--so she wore that), gathered some stuffed animals and blankets and off we went.

A few months ago Olivia decided she wanted a new bed after all, so we got this cool loft bed.

Then, we finally got desks for both girls.  Now we just need some finishing touches like curtains, shelves and wall art and their rooms will finally be done.

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