Sunday, June 11, 2017

6 More Days

Around this time of year I am always so excited for school to be done for the summer.  I'm ridiculously sick of making lunches every night and the mad rush every morning.

In summer, I only have to get myself ready in the mornings and don’t have to fix breakfast for anyone but me (because the girls are usually still in bed when the sitter arrives/I leave for work, so she gets to take care of it).  There are way fewer activities to rush off to or pick up from.

But then by the time late August rolls around, I’m super excited for school to start again, even though it’s back to making lunches every night and running around to various activities.  Maybe I'm just excited for them, starting a new grade, all the new clothes and supplies, etc. and I don't have to feel guilty about them being with a babysitter all day.  Summer and the school year both have their pros and cons.

School Pros:
·         No need for childcare, except for a few hours on Friday afternoons
·         Predictable routine
·         Girls go to bed earlier

School Cons:
·         Having to make lunches most nights (or at least help)
·         Having to get all 3 of us up, ready and out the door on time in the mornings
·         Busy schedule with various activities

Summer Pros:
·         I only have to get myself up and ready every day
·         Less busy schedule/fewer activities
·         No homework
·         No need to make lunches at night
·         I can go to work/get home earlier

Summer Cons:
·         The girls having to be with a babysitter all day, every day
·         The girls stay up later, so less “me” time in the evenings

It’s a toss-up.

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