Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Break: Week 2

Trying to play catch-up here.  Things got really busy once school got out.

The girls had Camp Invention last week.  I was right back to making lunches every night and getting all 3 of us up and ready in the mornings after a short break last week.  Back to not being "done" every night until 10:00.  Ugh.  Glad it's over.  I didn't take any pictures of any of it, either.

Camp Invention is really cool.  Every kid brings some sort of old electronic device that they can take apart.  I just went to Value Village and bought a couple cheap clock radios.  During the camp the take it apart and use the various parts to make other things, I guess.  They also bring a bunch of "upcycle items" to make stuff with, which can be anything like string, craft paper, buttons, straws, etc.  They also learn about famous inventors.

On the last day of camp, they had a "showcase" for the parents the last hour, where the parents get to walk around and see what all they did.  I left work early so I could go to that, and then we came home and finished packing for our first Crescent Bar trip of the summer.

We left Friday afternoon for Crescent Bar and came home yesterday.  Paul's parents were supposed to be there but his mom suffered a minor break in her leg so they didn't make the trip, so we last minute invited some friends to come.  They came on Saturday and stayed just one night, leaving Sunday.  It was a really fun trip.  They have done a lot of improvements at Crescent Bar, like adding some paved walking trails and more parks and picnic areas and a new playground, so it was great to explore all that.  Crescent Bar did their big fireworks last night and normally we would have stayed for that and came home today but our neighborhood has started doing their own big fireworks show every year (this will be the 2nd year), plus some friends of ours always have people over and our neighborhood always has a thing earlier in the day with bouncy houses, face painting and pony rides so we'll probably go to that.

The girls' friend Lindsay in the middle

A healthy breakfast of doughnuts (and cherries)

Kayley and Lindsay playing "chicken"

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