Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Break: Week 4

It's been a crazy week of appointments and trip prep.  On Monday the nanny took the girls to the pool at the golf club where she has a membership.  That was a special treat because we are not nor is anyone we know (except, now, her) members and have never been.  Then today I had to get the girls up super early, 6:50, for a 7:30 orthodontist appointment (Kayley got her expander off (yay!) and Olivia just for an initial exam).  I was dreading it because they normally sleep until at least 9:00 now that they are on summer vacation and getting them up early can be difficult, plus I got a late start to work so I had to stay later so I can be sure to get done what I need to get done before we leave on vacation FRIDAY!  And since the housekeeper was coming at 9:00, right after we got back from the orthodontist, and they had to get out of the house anyway, the nanny took them to Starbucks for breakfast.  Lucky them.

Today I had to drop my car off at the dealers and take their shuttle to work and back again.  Then I had to get a rental car (from the dealer and they didn't charge me--for some reason they don't do loaner cars at this place.  Bummer.) and show proof of insurance and noticed that my insurance ID card expired TODAY, so I had to call Paul and have him snap a photo of the new one and text it to me to give the rental agent.  It's just been a weird week, but now I have tomorrow off to finish packing, get pedicures and buy any last minute items like a sim card for my waterproof camera and magazines to read on the plane, oh, and return the rental car/pick up my car.

And as an added bonus, the girls went to a friend's for a sleepover, so I get some precious, rare alone time tonight (Paul still has to work tomorrow so he's gone to bed already) and tomorrow morning.  So, I'm already super excited for our trip, and now I'm excited to sleep in and relax with a cup of coffee in the morning with no one to bug me.  Yes!

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