Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas 2018

We spent Christmas Eve by ourselves, going to church and then out to dinner and then a quick drive looking at lights and then home to open one present (just the girls).  Then on Christmas morning the Olivia came in our room at 5:30 ready to open gifts.  They haven't been like that for years.  But we told her it was too early, but then we couldn't get back to sleep anyway so we got up around 6 and opened our stockings and gifts.  Their main gifts this year were a hoverboard for Olivia and Air pods for Kayley.

After gifts we had a big breakfast, then Paul and I got the turkey all ready and in the oven.  His parents and sister came over at noon, we had wine and snacks and then opened gifts.  Paul's mom gave him, me, his sister and the girls all matching Grinch pjs and had us put them on a pose for a picture.  His mom took the picture and it's a little blurry, but I'm posting anyway because other than my fancy table I didn't take any other pictures.  I'm so bad about that.  I just get busy and don't think about it and when I do the girls won't cooperate anyway.  Sigh.

I got the cutest napkins from Bed, Bath and Beyond

I love getting to use my wedding china and my grandma's silver

The famous Christmas lights house in our neighborhood

Today we are just chilling and putting all our presents away and then later today Paul and the girls are going to go spend the night at his parents and go skiing tomorrow with Cheryl (his sister) and come home on Friday (Paul's off until January 2nd but I have to work tomorrow and Friday), then we will all go back down there on Sunday for Cheryl's birthday.

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