Saturday, December 1, 2018

Countdown to Christmas Day 1

 It's December!

It was so weird a few days ago when it was a week + past Thanksgiving but still wasn't December.  But now it finally is.

This year we have 2 Christmas trees.  For the first several years of the girls' life, we would go cut our own tree every year, but then about 4 or 5 years ago I bought a fake tree at Target the day after Christmas for $14.  Regularly $140.  But this year we decided it was time to chop down this fir we had in our side yard that was getting too big, so we have 2 trees this year.  The fake one is upstairs in our loft, and Paul just chopped down the real one today.

We will get that decorated today and then I still need to put the wreath on the door and then our decorating will be done.

As far as shopping, I think I am way ahead of where I normally am at this time.  I even have a few things wrapped, which I never do this early.  Honestly, what did I ever do before online shopping was so mainstream?  I didn't have kids then so I guess that helped, but man, it's a life (and time) saver.

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