Thursday, December 6, 2018

Countdown to Christmas Day 6

My work Christmas party is coming up and for some reason we do a theme every year (I wish we could just wear whatever we would normally wear to any Christmas party, and we can, but we're encouraged to dress for whatever the theme is that year--last year was plaid, the year before was Hawaiian, etc.).  This year's theme was going to be cowboy/cowgirl, but when some of us were looking on Amazon for funny cowboy attire, we somehow got onto a bunch of funny/inappropriate Christmas shirts and I mentioned maybe that could be our theme for next year (yes, it's a work function but it is after hours and off-site).  Some liked the idea enough to take a vote to see if we should change it from the cowboy theme this year and the majority were in favor so now that's our theme.  So we've all been looking on Amazon for funny shirts and here are some of my favorites.

Mike Tyson saying "Merry Chrithmith"  He he

REALLY inappropriate, but SO funny:

And here's the relatively tame one I got for Paul:

And me:

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