Sunday, December 23, 2018

Countdown to Christmas Day 23

Oops, I missed a few days but I'm back.

Since my last post I had 2 work Christmas parties--one for my team at a local brewery and one for the whole department during work hours at our Bellevue campus where I used to work before the move.

I finally finished my shopping yesterday.  We still haven't done our annual drive around the neighborhood to look at lights.  We were going to last night but Olivia didn't want to, so I think just Paul, Kayley and I will go tonight while Olivia is at a birthday party.  Or we will all go tomorrow.  She's the one who has been hounding us about it so it's weird she didn't want to go last night.

We did end up having a family game night, though.  We played Apples to Apples which was an early Christmas gift from my dad and stepmom.  And I made yummy eggnog martinis for Paul and I.

Today I am finishing my wrapping and making the dessert for Christmas dinner.  I am making that 4-layer delight with the cream cheese and chocolate pudding and Cool Whip.  Yum.  We are hosting Paul's parents and sister this year.  I am making a turkey dinner so tomorrow I will make the stuffing and then Paul's mom is going to do a sweet potato casserole and a green bean casserole.

We never made it to Snowflake Lane this year and we didn't watch many Christmas movies.  We didn't even watch Christmas Vacation or Elf.  We usually watch those every year.

I have to work tomorrow, Christmas Eve, but only until noon or so.  Then I will come home and make the stuffing and start getting all my linens and dishes ready, then we are going to church at 5:00 and out to dinner after that.  Then, if we haven't already, we will do our drive around the neighborhood looking at lights and then come home and let the kids open one or two presents.  I'm sad it's almost over, but I'm looking forward to making a fresh start and I have a few fun projects in mind for 2019.

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