Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crescent Bar

We spent the 4th with the in-laws at Crescent Bar.  The girls had a blast again in the baby pool, and this time we could just sit comfortably by and watch and not have to been in the water with them, hovering in case they fell over or whatever.  On Thursday Paul and I got to leave them with grandma and grandpa and go wine tasting at a nearby winery with spectacular scenery, so that was a nice little "date".  Saturday they had an awesome fireworks show, and Sunday the girls got to be in the annual 4th of July parade.  The neighbors in the condo below did a whole Hawaiian theme and had extra leis and skirts for the girls (actually just one skirt that we cut in half and duct-taped), so we walked behind their "float" (decorated golf cart) with the girls in their umbrella strollers.  I thought they might just walk at least some of the way but they were pretty tired from staying up late the night before so they were perfectly content in their strollers.  It was a fun trip, but unfortunately the weather wasn't as great as it usually is, albeit a ton better than here on the west side!  It was pretty windy most days, making it not very pleasant for hanging by the pool.

Oh, and I'm happy and very proud to report that not only did I not gain the usual 3 pounds this time around, but I didn't gain ANY!  As a matter of fact, I LOST 0.4 pounds!  It's a miracle!  I allowed the occasional splurge hear and there but for the most part I tried to eat like I normally do at home (which required me bringing some of my own food) and it worked!  Plus I did a good, 45-minute, fast, partly uphill walk 2 of the days, and lots of other walking (like in the parade) the other days.  Now, if I can just get through our week at Long Beach and our next Crescent Bar trip, I can hopefully start making some real progress.

Getting ready for the parade

We won for Best Costumes

The girls in their 4th of July dresses

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