Friday, July 16, 2010


Paul has the next 3 weeks off work and we have tons of plans.  We are heading to Long Beach (WA) on Sunday, so today I'm going to be busy doing laundry and packing because tomorrow we'll be gone most of the day at his company picnic and then I have my monthly girls' night tomorrow evening.  We'll get home Friday, and then the following Thursday we leave for Crescent Bar again.

During the week in between that we're home, we want to:
  • Go to the zoo again, hopefully with much better weather than when we went on Memorial Day.
  • Go to Lake Sammammish State Park to play/swim/have a picnic.
  • Go back to the water spray park since I couldn't manage it well by myself.
  • Go to either the Aquarium or Children's Museum, maybe both if there's time.
I hope that we'll be able to fit it all it, considering that we also have tons of home projects to work on, namely staining our fence and hopefully painting our living room.

Should be a fun and busy three weeks.  And once we're home from Crescent Bar in early August I'm going to get serious about two things:  Diet/exercise/weight loss and potty training.  Ugh...

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