Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Movie Night and Other Stuff

Well, this will conclude my Week in the Life series.  It was totally just for me to have a record to look back on, so sorry if I bored anyone to death.  I actually enjoy reading about other moms' days/routines/schedules, but maybe I'm in the minority.

Anyway, this weekend was one of those somewhat rare weekends where we don't have any plans.  Saturday morning we went to the Issaquah farmer's market for the first time this summer, then after lunch I went outlet shopping for fall clothes for the girls while Paul took them to the park.  After dinner we had our first ever Family Movie Night.  We watched Rango, which probably isn't the most appropriate film for a 3 year old, but it's wasn't that bad and I really like Johnny Depp and have been wanting to see it and that's just what we happened to have from Netflix.  I introduced the girls to the thrill of watching popcorn pop.  When I was little I used to LOVE to watch the popcorn pop.  My mom made the best popcorn (popped in oil with a Stir Crazy, and it's all about the popcorn/butter/salt ratio).

Today was church, back to the outlet mall to return something and grocery shopping.  We barbequed burgers for dinner then the girls played outside while we cleaned up/straightened inside and vacuumed the upstairs, since I never got around to it last week.  Now it's almost 10:00 and Kayley is still up.  Sigh.  Oh yay, she just said she's tired.  Off to put her to bed.

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Sara said...

Love the popcorn picutre! Looks like such a serious moment though. :)My girls love making popcorn. There is a song called popcorn by "Bare Naked Ladies" that they love to sing while it cooks. You are so right about having the right salt/butter ratio, very important.