Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Fun Week

We had an awesome week.  We went to Crescent Bar for the last of 3 trips this summer (although we are going for just a weekend with some friends in Septmeber).  We left last Friday (the 12th) and on Saturday we left the girls with grandma and grandpa all day while we went up to Wenatchee to watch my cousin race sprint boats.  It was really fun to watch and I enjoyed seeing him and some other cousins that I hadn't seen in a long time.

My cousin got the fastest time of the day, but still ended up tieing for 1st

On Sunday my dad and stepmom, who had been camping in Wenatchee and gone to the races also, came down to Crescent Bar to spend the evening with us, staying in an RV park just up the road from our condo, then on Monday they headed home while we (Paul and I, the girls and Paul's parents) took a day trip to visit some friends that were staying the week at Sun Lakes.  The girls enjoyed playing with all the other kids and Paul and I got to ride a Sea Doo.  Fun!

The rest of the week was just the typical lay-by-the-pool-and-boat-rides-to-beaches Crescent Bar stuff.  I think I am the tannest I've ever been, between Hawaii in May and 3 trips to sunny Crescent Bar, plus whatever minimal sun we've had at home in-between.

I was really lazy about taking pictures this trip.  I just am not motivated at all because they never turn out good.  The girls never look at the camera, or at least not long enough to snap a picture.

Playing in the river

Beautiful basalt cliffs

Such a swimmer!

Future swimsuit model

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