Tuesday, December 1, 2015

25 Days of Blogging

I'm going to try and blog everyday between now and Christmas just to have something to look back on, not that anything particularly exciting is supposed to happen in that time but whatever.

Today was one of those days that, even though I had dinner made ahead and ready to go in the oven, it was well after 8:00 by the time I got home from work, ate, cleaned up, etc. and could get onto something else.  I didn't even have to make lunches or anything or it would've been even later.  I mean, I know I'm not the only one who deals with that but sometimes I just wish I could come home and just do something besides cook or clean or make lunches or help with homework.

Anyway, the girls watched Rudolph on TV tonight.  We usually just watch the DVDs but it happened to be on so they watched it.  I would have watched it with them but I wrote my Halloween/Thanksgiving post instead.  Then I put the girls to bed and started writing this post, and I never did my 7-minute workout like I said yesterday that I was going to but I'll try to do some crunches and pushups later while I watch TV.  Oh, and I re-weighed today and was down 2 pounds from yesterday.

We put up our Christmas tree, decorations and outdoor lights over Thanksgiving weekend.  Love our fake tree.  Paying $14 one time the week after Christmas sure beats paying $60ish every year!  And we don't have to remember to water it and there are no needles all over the floor.  And people always say they have to have the smell of a real tree but honestly, unless I'm right up against it I can't ever smell it anyway.


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