Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

We did things a little differently this year.  We alternate sides of the family every year, and this was a Paul's side year.  Usually we will go to his parents' on Christmas Eve and they have a good friend and her daughter over and we all have dinner and open presents (just the ones from us to the friend/daughter and theirs to us), then we spend the night and have Christmas Day with just Paul's parents and sister.

But this year we decided to stay home on Christmas Eve.  I had to work but I left early and got home around 2.  We went to the Christmas Eve service at church at 4, and then went out to dinner.  When we got home we opened a few presents and just hung out as a family.  The girls got up bright and early Christmas morning (6:45) and we opened the rest of our gifts to each other, had breakfast and then went to Paul's parents' around noon.  We took 2 cars because he and the girls are staying there until tomorrow but I have to work and wanted to come home yesterday so I could have today to just work on projects and get things done around the house.  I slept in until 9 this morning!  It was heaven.

Grandma gave the girls these cute nightgowns with reindeer antlers on the hoods.

Olivia got Lacrosse (sp?) sticks

They got an iPad mini and another cheap tablet

They each got an awesome Seahawks blanket from my dad and stepmom

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