Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Maybe not Every Day

I knew I wasn’t  going to keep up with the whole daily thing, but here’s an update for the last few days.
Saturday evening we went to a private party at Enchanted Village/Wild Waves (an amusement/water park) put on by Alaska Airlines for their employees’ families and friends.  One of our good friends works for Alaska and invited us.  It was cold and rainy, but we all had fun anyway.  Santa was there and there were tons of lights everywhere.  It was cool.
The girls with Santa

The girls and their friend with Santa

Olivia, Kayley and Lindsay as Rudolph

And yesterday was Weight Watcher’s Monday.  I was obviously all gung-ho last week and did really well until Friday, but then fell apart over the weekend like usual.  I managed to be down 0.4, but I had been down almost 3 pounds on Thursday.  Sigh.  And I haven’t been diligent about tracking like I said I was going to be, although I was pretty good Monday through Thursday, and I never went to the Y a 2nd time OR did the 7-minute workout app.  I did try to go up and down the stairs a lot at work and just lots of walking and the occasional push-up or crunches, but I really need to do more.  And I really need to be better about meal planning and prep.  I made a bunch of freezer meals a few months ago but they are all gone now.
Anyway, one of my goals is to have a net loss 3 weeks in a row, no matter how small.  If I’m successful that will be the first time since starting in July that I will have done that.

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