Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Halloween and Thanksgiving

Wow, I'm late with this one but that's obviously nothing new.  So Halloween fell on a weekend again this year (Friday last year and Saturday this year) so we trick-or-treated with a bunch of friends in the neighborhood and then all went to one of those friend's house for a little after party.  It was pouring down rain but everyone toughed it out and still had fun.

Olivia was Maleficent
Not sure where she learned this pose...sheesh...

and Kayley was a Star Wars "Rebel" I guess?  I think that's what it said on the package.  We were just looking on Amazon and that's what she chose.

Oh, and Maisy was a Beanie Boo


We did Thanksgiving a little different this year.  It was our year to have it with my side so we went to one of my brother's homes about an hour and a half away.  Normally we would just go for the day but we decided to spend the night at my Dad's because we wanted to maybe do some black Friday/Thursday night shopping (and by staying with family we would have someone to watch the girls) and also I wanted to visit my mom the next day (she's in an Alzheimer's care facility).  So we were planning on going shopping Thursday night but Olivia got all clingy and started whining about not wanting us to go so we tried to wait until they went to bed but by then I was just too tired.
So then we were going to go in the morning, not really early but around 7:30, but again she started having a fit and we didn't want to cause a scene and wake everybody up, plus I kind of wanted to try and find them an outfit for their upcoming field trip to the Nutcracker, so we ended up taking them with us.  But then, of course, they got bored and whiny really quickly so we gave up.  And I didn't take a single picture at Thanksgiving.

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