Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mariner's Game

I've been wanting to take the girls to a Mariner's game for years now.  I thought it would be a fun sunny summer Saturday activity.  I figured we could get the cheap bleacher seats in the outfield and it would be a fun summer outing that wasn't too expensive and the seats wouldn't matter because the girls would get bored and want to walk around anyway.  But we never got around to it and then this year I was able to get free tickets through work!  And bonus, it happened to be during their Star Wars themed weekend and on fireworks night.  They do fireworks after a handful of Friday night games throughout the season but last night it was set to Star Wars music, with a few movie scenes on the big screen with Mariner's game highlights (all-time, not just from last night's game) mixed it.  It was really cool!

The Mariner Moose (and btw, Kayley does have shorts on :) )

a "24" in center field in honor of Ken Griffey, Jr.

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