Friday, August 26, 2016

School Supplies

I used to LOVE shopping for school supplies when I was a kid.  And even more than that, I loved setting them all out when we got home and getting them all organized.  Back in the days of the Trapper Keeper with multiple pockets for different subjects and what not.

And of course, we all always had several of these:

And we didn't have to get Kleenex, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, or dry erase markers like now days.  We have all that on our list and also post-it notes and 4 x 6 index cards.  Index cards?  What the heck are they doing with those?  Recipe exchange?

Anyway, the last two years I took the girls school supply shopping and they like it ok but they don't love it as much as I did and they always insist on getting the fancier more expensive versions of everything, like spiral notebooks with a cute animal design instead of the plain $0.49 (or maybe $0.59) ones.  I think one store had these on sale for $0.19, even.

So this year I went by myself.  They were a little disappointed but they got over it pretty quickly. And tonight when I got home from work Olivia was going through everything and putting things in her pencil box and backpack. I joined right in and helped her and then Kayley got in on the action. For the first time ever they were kind of getting into it.

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I had that rainbow Trapper Keeper! :)

I completely agree that buying school supplies these days is not quite as fun as it was when we were growing up. At the girls' school, all the supplies go into a supply closet, and then the teacher doles out the notebooks and binders as there's no real point in finding The Perfect Folder, because it won't likely fall to the girls.

My girls still enjoy going shopping...even for the hand sanitizer and Ziplock baggies, though. :) I try to make a special date out of going shopping with them...we go just for that, not wrapped into a grocery trip, for example. And then we have to get ice cream or something. :)

Hope your girls have a great start to school!