Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer Break, Week 8

This week the girls started soccer practice.  Monday and Wednesday nights for the next several weeks.  Like usual, Paul was the one to take them because I don't"t get home in time.  But I'm going to start going straight there after work and watch what's left of their practice.

On Thursday the babysitter took them to her mom's condo complex so they could go swimming in the pool.  Then Friday they got to swim again at a campground with some friends.  We have these neighbors that have been away for just under 2 years for the husband's job.  They rented out their house and now they just got back but were staying at a nearby campground for a few days while they got their house all set up again, so Paul took the girls over there for swimming (he had yesterday off).

Last night we made a fire and had s'mores and then after dark we lied down in the grass to watch the meteor showers but only saw a few before giving up and going to bed.

I was supposed to have last night through next Wednesday to myself while Paul (who has next week off) took the girls over to Crescent Bar, but with the neighbors just getting back the girls of course wanted to stay home so they could play with them.  I had a long list of things I was going to do and now I can't.  But I've been missing them a lot lately and feeling bad about being gone all day while they are with a sitter (summers suck as a working parent) so it's been nice just spending time together.  I've been making it a point to really spend time with them every evening instead of just doing chores and next day prep and all that.  We've played Jenga, read together, rode bikes, watched lots of Olympics and then the s'mores and meteors last night,  They are still going to go to CB on Tuesday until Friday so I will have a few evenings after work to do whatever I want.

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