Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 Pounds

I did it!  And a week and a half early!  I've lost 5.2 pounds since May 1st.  So it seems I have reached my mini goal of 5 pounds by June 1st, however, knowing me, I will gain some back between now and then.  Especially since we are leaving today for Westport where we will be staying with the in-laws until Tuesday.  In-laws = plenty of chips, brownies, huge meals, etc.  Everytime we hang with them either at their place, the Ocean (Westport) or Crescent Bar I gain like 3 pounds.  But I'm really gonna try to keep it in check this time.  I'm 7 pounds over my wedding weight (and 5 pounds under my pre-baby weight, yay) so my next goal, other than not gaining any between now and the 1st, is to lose 7 in 7 weeks, so by July 10th-ish.

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