Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Kids' Names

Today at Kelly's Korner they're talking about kids' names and how/why you chose them.  We were all about choosing names that we really like and not worrying about incorporating a family member's name.  Although, had we had a boy, we would most likely have used my dad's name (Donald) as the middle name and subsequently spent his grade school years apologizing endlessly for all the Donald Duck references he would have incurred.

One name I picked out in high school that even all these years later I still really wanted to use for a girl was Alyssa (from watching Alyssa Milano on "Who's the Boss".  Yes, I'm old!).  When I finally got pregnant 20+ years after choosing that name it was at the top of my list.  But Paul and I decided that it didn't go very well with Nelson, so I saddly laid it to rest, and instead we have Olivia Brooke and Kayley Renee.

Both of the girls names are just names we happened to like and don't have any special significance.  Kayley's middle name, Renee, happens to be Paul's sister's middle name but I'm pretty sure we would have chosen it anyway.

Now, if we were to ever have another (doubtful, but we're very torn as we have 6 frozen embryos.  But that a whole other blog post!) we would definitely have a naming dilema on our hands.  If we had a boy, my first choice would be Aidan excpet for:

a) there's already a neighbor Aidan behind us
b) it doesn't go very well with Nelson, although it's not horrible
c) it's becoming a bit common
d) Paul already vetoed it when I was pregnant w/the girls (before we knew they were girls) although he has since said that it's an ok name.

Another boy name I really like is Blake, but there are twin boys across the street and one of them is Blake.  The name I picked out for a boy years ago was Ryan, but then my niece married one.  Probably not a big deal, but it'd be a teeny bit weird.  Other boy names I like all end in "son" or "in" or similar (Carson, Gavin, Nathan) which again doesn't go well with Nelson.  I guess it's good we most likely won't have to worry about it.

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