Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The girls got their first taste of Westport (on the Washington coast) this weekend.  The in-laws have a condo there and we usually go once a year or so but haven't been since November '07 when I was pregnant with them.  It was interesting because they had bad colds and grandpa was sick, too, with what we later learned was PINK EYE!  Hello.  I sure hope the girls don't get it!  That stuff is super contagious, but so far so good.  He must have had a cold too, though, because he had bad congestion and body aches which the PA at Group Health said was related, but I've never heard of anyone with pink eye also having cold- of flu-like symptoms.  Anyway, he and the girls were all sick, but we still had a good time.  We played on the beach for a short time one day but it was of course chilly and windy so we didn't last long.  We mostly swam, which the girls loved.  Kayley picked right up where we left off last summer but Olivia was scared at first, apparently not remembering the fun she had jumping in the pool (us catching her) on our trip to the Oregon coast last year.  But after watching Kayley having a blast jumping in over and over she finally, reluctantly eased into the water via the steps and then started jumping in herself.  They were so cute.


Olivia and Kayley

Grandma catching Olivia

Daddy and Kayley

I'm swimming!

Kayley getting a piggy-back ride

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