Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Girl Beds

Yesterday we finally transitioned the girls to their toddler beds.  They were so excited.  I thought they might even take a nap, but I guess they weren't that excited.  Darn.  Anyway, they did very well!  Olivia got up and came into our room around 1:15 AM but Paul just took her back to her bed and she didn't fight or fuss and went right back to sleep.  Still holding out hope that the intrigue will lure them in for a nap today, but I'm probably going to be disappointed again.

We still need to get big girl bedding, remove the wallpapaer border, repaint and hang curtains, but at the rate we're going we should accomplish that approximately one week before they leave for college.

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Sara said...

Congrats on the big girl beds. We are still quite a ways away from that here, thank goodness. The thought of my girls being able to get out of bed whenever they want scares the daylights right out of me. Of course, my girls are only a year and a half. :) Glad to hear its going well for you so far though. Sending nap type vibes your way. Good luck.