Saturday, October 30, 2010

BIg Girl Room Continued

The girls' new bedding arrived this week.

I love it, but I'm still a little torn.  I had my heart set on painting their room a purple along the lines of this:

from Google Images

But I had a hard time finding bedding I liked that would go.  In hindsight, I probably should have checked out Etsy (a website where people sell their own home made stuff, i.e. jewelry, kids' clothes, hair bows, dog sweaters, purses, you get the idea).  I probably could have had something made in a fabric of my choice.  But who knows how long that would have taken, and it probably would have cost more.  These were only $30 for the 4-piece set.  Anyway, I really like this bedding but it's a bit more pink and less lilac than I thought (so hard to tell on a computer screen).  And even if it were more lilac like I thought, it still wouldn't go with that shade of purple.

There was another bedding set that I almost ordered instead that, turns out after seeing it in person at Target, would go with that color, and I thought about exchanging it but really didn't want the hassle of returning everything and then re-ordering the other one online and having to wait another few weeks (they only had twin size in the store, not toddler).  So I decided to stick with the owls, but now I'm trying to decide if I want to paint an orchid-y color like on the owl here:

or just leave it yellow and paint an orange accent wall.  Or both (orchid-y color with an orange accent wall).  Or maybe even green (the whole room).  Sigh.

Anyway, I still need to figure that out and then get the matching lamp (or some other lamp, maybe just a plain 'ol lamp with a matching shade) and either the matching vallance or some curtains.

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Christina said...

I love that purple!!! I'm sure if you don't get it painted like that, it will still look great. The bedding is cute!