Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party

The girls went to their first Halloween Party yesterday (I'm finally starting to do things with the moms' group I joined a year or so ago).   They trick-or-treated for non-candy goodies like stickers, playing cards, drinking straws, etc.  It was fun and all the kids were so cute in their costumes.  Excuse the butt, but when you have a dozen or so moms all trying to get their toddlers to sit for a picture a butt or two is inevitable...

Today we are going to make frosted sugar cookies (pumpkins, bats, etc.), tomorrow we will carve pumpkins and then they are very excited to go trick-or-treating on Sunday.  We have a third costume, a cat, that was a hand-me-down along with the chicken so not sure who will wear what between the three costumes.

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Sara said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Good for you getting together with the mom group. Some days I think about doing that to, and then I wonder if I can really handle something else on my calendar. I'm afraid it will start to feel like work. Kids costumes were super cute.:)