Friday, October 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Nurseries/Kids' Rooms

Too bad this didn't come a bit later, as we are currently in the process of transitioning the girls' room into a "big girl" room.  We changed out their cribs to toddler beds a few weeks ago and I just ordered their new bedding.  We still need to remove the wallpaper border, re-paint and hang curtains and new wall art (or stencil or something).  So for now, here's what it looked like in the beginning and now during transition:

Changing table/dresser and Olivia's crib

Now just a dresser

Olivia's bed, with the addition of wall art

These pictures were a gift from my mom that she got at an arts and crafts festival

Kayley's crib and glider

Kayley's bed-still with the same crib bedding.  The rocking horse was a Safety prize from work years ago.  I kept it forever hoping to one day have a baby's room to put it in.


The glider is no longer used and the kitchen is outgrown, to be replaced by Santa this Christmas!

Here is the bedding that I orderd from Target:

It's trees and owls.  I also got some accent pillows with owls on them (one is actually the shape of an owl, plus they already have a stuffed owl that's pillow-like).  It should be really cute when it's all put together.  Then we'll just need to paint and find some curtains (I want sheer panels).  Can't wait to get it all done!


Ashley said...

I love trees and owls! I just had my first baby and can't imagine raising twins! I bet it was/is hard work, but a lot of fun now that they're older! :)

Sara said...

Good job so far. Love the rocking horse. My girls have a rocking moose from their grandma that they are in love with. I am a bit green with envy that you don't have a changing table anymore. Even when I squint really hard I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel on that one yet. :)

Jen said...

Here from Kelly's Korner! Such great work you've done! I love it!

Can you tell me the what the color and brand of the light yellow paint on the wall is? I have been on the hunt for just that color and keep getting a bit too light/dark!