Friday, April 5, 2013

Favorite Books

I love books and reading and I've made it a point to read to the girls every night since they were old enough to listen.   I really hope to instill in them the save love of reading. We've made almost weekly trips to the library since they were a little over a year and they love it, although they are usually more interested in playing on the computers or looking at CDs and videos than actual books. But they do love books and being read to.  I am linking up with Kelly's Korner today to share some of our favorite books, and I'm looking forward to getting some great ideas for new books for us.

Pinka/Purple/Golda/Silverlicious.  Just discovered there's an Emeraldalicious or something that we haven't read yet

All of the Olivia books, of course (one of my girls is named Olivia).
The Fancy Nancy Series

Sugar Would Not Eat It
They got this for their 4th birthday and love it.
Cars and Trucks and Things that Go
I never had this when I was a kid but a friend did and I loved it.  I made a point to make sure my girls have this and they love it, too.

They loved this one when they were younger.  Kayley called it "the flea book" and loved to find the flea on every page.

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Natasha said...

My son absolutely LOVES Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. It's such a great book although he's always sad that he can never find a carrot car or a pencil car in real life!