Friday, April 12, 2013

Kid-free Weekend

Paul's parents came over for dinner on Thursday evening for a belated birthday celebration for him and his dad, then they took the girls home with them for the whole weekend!  We had last night and today alone together and then tomorrow morning he is going to go down there and join them and I get the whole day and evening and part of Sunday to myself!  Whoo-hoo!

We were originally going to do something fun today, like go to the Pike Place market and maybe ride the new-ish Great Wheel, then we decided we were going to paint the girls' bedroom instead, but ultimately we ended up doing none of the above and did separate errands.  He took one of the cars in this morning for an oil change, then went to the mall to spend a gift card.  I got a haircut and went to the Gymboree outlet to spend my Gymbucks.  We're going out for dinner tonight, though, and then back home to watch a movie since there really isn't anything playing in the theater that we have passes for that we both want to see.

As for my alone time starting tomorrow, I have a whole list of things I'd like to do.  We'll see how much of it I can do.  The last time I had a big chuck of time to myself I had a huge list and, although I felt like I got a lot done, there was much of my list I never got to.  It always goes SO fast.
  • Read
  • Watch a movie
  • Scrapbook
  • Work on the girls' baby books
  • Work on "the horse project" (selling some of my model horse collection on Ebay)
  • Work on the cd project (importing my cds to my iTunes library)
  • Go to Starbucks Saturday morning and then browse Barnes and Noble
  • Go to Michael's (need picture frames)
  • Go to Crate and Barrel (have a gift card)
  • Go to all the stores in the mall that I never have time to go to because whenever I'm there I only have time to go to one or two stores.
  • Buy plants for all our planter boxes/containers (will probably wait for better weather)
  • Thoroughly clean and organize the fridge
  • Workout?  Yeah, right...maybe some yoga via Wii fit
One thing on my list I already did today was to take an inventory of the girls' summer wardrobe and figure out what they still need.  They mostly needed shorts and a few tank tops so that's what I spent my Gymbucks on.

Time to go get ready for date night!

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