Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday


So after a little set-back last week I managed to get back on track and lost the pound I gained (thank God it was only a pound--I thought it might be a lot more) plus another pound.  So I am now down 4.8 pounds since April 1st.  My goal for April was to lose 5 pounds so I think I'll make it and maybe a tiny bit more.

On Monday I did the 30 Day Shred workout for the first time in months.  While I was doing it I came up with the idea that I would get up early enough every day this week to do that workout before the girls got up (or if they got up during they could just watch a little TV while I finished and showered), plus I would still go to the gym or run/walk outside my normal 2-3 times.  But when my alarm went off Tuesday morning I was pretty sore from the day before since I hadn't done that workout in so long, plus I'm just always SO tired that early in the morning, even if I go to bed at a reasonable hour.  So I skipped it.

Then I had planned to get up early and do it this morning before taking the girls to preschool and then I was going to follow that up with a run/walk while they were at preschool, but again, I was so tired when my alarm went off, and I had some other things I really needed to do while they are at school (including this post).  So, instead, I'm going to go for a walk/run this afternoon when Paul gets home from work.  Maybe tomorrow I'll manage to get up in time to do the Shred but I don't know.  I really have a hard time getting up any earlier than I absolutely have to.  And it's so hard to go to bed earlier because the evenings after everyone else has gone to bed is my "me" time to read/watch TV/play on the computer/whatever and I don't want to give that up.

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Unknown said...

Don't beat yourself up about not getting up in the mornings. Do your workout whenever you can. The important thing is to get it in! I love having it done before everyone else in my house gets up, but then again I am a morning person. Feel free to check out my blog I am on this same journey!