Thursday, April 4, 2013

No Training Wheels!

We had been talking about removing the training wheels from the girls' bikes sometime in the near future, then last Saturday I was up in our bathroom getting ready for our date and glanced out the window and there was Paul and the girls, with the training wheels off of their bikes and him helping Kayley ride.  She was able to do it for little bit but couldn't start out herself or turn around.  Olivia tried too but I don't think she really did it without Paul hanging on the whole time.

Tuesday I practiced with them and Kayley was getting better but still couldn't start by herself and Olivia still couldn't really do it without me hanging on.  Then yesterday we tried again and at first it was the same, but after awhile Kayley was able to start by herself and then so could Olivia!  Now they can both ride their bikes without training wheels!  Good job, girls!

Here's a video of Kayley.  I took one of Olivia, too, but she's already way better than in the video so I'm going to take a new one next time they ride.

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