Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bucket List Check-off - Museum

One of our summer bucket list items was to visit a museum (hopefully more than one).  I was able to get free passes to the Bellevue Art Museum through the library so we went today.  I was worried that the girls would be really bored and not the least bit interested but they were really good and actually kind of into it.  They had a fun area with these big magnet boards (like bulletin boards, only magnetized) with all different types of magnets to make different designs or scenes.  They enjoyed playing with that.
The museum is across the street from the mall, so first we had lunch at the mall and then had to walk past the Disney Store to get to the museum, so we went in to browse and the girls were enthralled with this castle with a talking mirror (big video screen).

After leaving the museum, we stopped at a nearby park and played for awhile.

Watching ducks

Cool waterfall in background

This was a fountain in front of the mall.  I gave them pennies to throw in.  They wished for their favorite TV shows to be on all the time.  Sigh.

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